Pinook Mini Massager

    On 5/25/2012 we were walking through the mall. Normally I try to avoid the vendors but I heard the word massage and decided to try it out. I have lots of issues with pain. Well she puts on these sticky pads onto my back. She then plugs it into this little thing that looks similar to an Ipod. She handed me the control so I could adjust the mode and strength. I was in heaven!
     It actually felt like someone was giving me a massage! It was great and I was hooked. We ended up buying one that came with foot massaging sandals as well so in total we got the rechargeable control unit, 2 sets of pads, the charger, and 2 sets of connectors. I used them after going to Six Flags New England for 9 hours. The difference I felt after a 40 minute massage on the way home was amazing. I came home that night and for once in my life fell asleep without shaking my legs! I am finding the more I use it the less restless I am.
     I would have to say out of 5 stars this gets a 4.5 only because when I got home I found one of the wires were split open so I have to take it to get it replaced. I think this is  a perfect option for those that deal with chronic pain like I do.


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