Dr. Browns Bottles.

I bought these because all of the WONDERFUL reviews! Well first time around the painted on numbers wore right off. The customer service was great. For each bottle that the numbers wore off they sent me new ones and I didn't have to fight them to do so! Customer service two thumbs WAY WAY up! Well now the bottles keep leaking. I ended up throwing them out because there would be puddles under the bottle if I set them down.
The leaks though are blessing. I got the Berkly and Jensen drop in bottles. They are wonderful! My baby boy has horrible gas. After eating he would have the toots for hours, be spitting up and belching. I used these new bottles now for two days straight. He barley gets the toots, he spit up once all day long and just a few gentle burps! What a difference! Before getting a Dr. Browns that are very expensive try a drop in bottle!


Macaroni grill boxed dinners - lasanga

I tried this out for a quick meal. In this meal you need to provide the milk, 2 cups of mozzarella cheese and 1 pound of hamburger per box. The price was $3.99 at walmart. I needed to make two boxes for a family my size. I wish they had directions on the box for a double batch like some companies do. The flavor was not bad considering the fact that it was a box mix. It did need more Romano cheese which you make with a powder and milk. The flavor of it though was rather good. It was not perfect but most box mixes are not. I ended up adding some cottage cheese to the Romano cheese to make it cheesier.


My kids love this drink! They really seem to enjoy it. As an adult I think it is OK. The taste of vitamins is a little overpowering for my taste. The flavor we prefer is the chocolate flavor. Something I tried and relay liked was I put a little in a milkshake with vanilla ice cream and I loved it!

Playskool dance cam

I received this product a while back as a influencer on another website. They charge around fifty dollars for this product. I was not to impressed with it. The picture was very grainy and the kids had to stand a back quite a bit. My child showed no real interest in the item. I even took it to a party and none of the kids wanted to play with it. I am glad I received this product for free. It would have been a waste of fifty dollars.