Dr. Browns Bottles.

I bought these because all of the WONDERFUL reviews! Well first time around the painted on numbers wore right off. The customer service was great. For each bottle that the numbers wore off they sent me new ones and I didn't have to fight them to do so! Customer service two thumbs WAY WAY up! Well now the bottles keep leaking. I ended up throwing them out because there would be puddles under the bottle if I set them down.
The leaks though are blessing. I got the Berkly and Jensen drop in bottles. They are wonderful! My baby boy has horrible gas. After eating he would have the toots for hours, be spitting up and belching. I used these new bottles now for two days straight. He barley gets the toots, he spit up once all day long and just a few gentle burps! What a difference! Before getting a Dr. Browns that are very expensive try a drop in bottle!


  1. Oh yes! I used the Playtex bottles with the drop in liners and they worked great. The old fashioned glass bottles are great, too. I always try to tell new or expecting moms not to waste their money on the expensive bottles like that!

  2. I was the exact opposite. I loved the Dr Brown's bottles with my 2 and hated the drop ins. It always seemed like my kids got more air in their bellies from the drop ins. My Dr Brown's never leaked and I still have them 8 years later and they havent faded!

  3. Hm...never heard of Dr. Browns, but then again, my youngest is 14 years old!

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